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"In the pursuit of revitalizing our city, hard work, persistence, and the courage to navigate adversity are essential, but equally vital is having a well-crafted plan that guides our efforts toward meaningful progress."

Kim Knaus

Top PrioritiesTogether, we CAN create a better San Bernardino!

Creating Safe Neighborhoods

Responsible Economic Development

Decrease Homelessness

Create Safer Neighborhoods

Responsible Economic Development

Decrease Homelessness on Our City Streets

The SolutionsPractical, Proven, Data-Driven Plans
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1. Creating Safe Neighborhoods

San Bernardino has consistently ranked in the top 10 list of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. San Bernardino residents should not feel unsafe at home. Our city after a four-year stint of interim police chiefs, finally has permanent leadership with the hiring of Chief Darren Goodman. Under his stewardship our city is making significant strides in combatting the high rate of criminality, however our police department must be supported. Our public safety must be PRIORITIZED.

A vote for Kim Knaus means the thoughtful and prioritized allocation of tax-payer dollars to ensure our city is properly resourced to truly create safe streets with:

  • Enhanced lighting and surveillance in residential and commercial corridors.
  • Expanded Code Enforcement to tackle the issue of slumlords.
  • Meaningful collaborations between our city agencies and community partners to combat the tremendous amounts of trash and graffiti.
  • Supporting the increase of more patrol officers on our streets for proactive policing and quicker call response times.
  • Traffic safety and infrastructure improvements.
  • Emergency preparedness measures.
  • Enforcement and introduction of city ordinances that reduce the instances of long-term vacant commercial buildings. Out-of-town property owners should not be allowed to hold on to empty, blighted, boarded-up eye sores in our city that attract crime.

2. Responsible Economic Development

The 5th Ward deserves a representative with a deep understanding of business dynamics. I am committed to fostering collaboration across various sectors, engaging in substantive dialogue to drive intelligent development initiatives in the 5th Ward. It's time to set higher standards and unlock the immense potential that lies within the 5th Ward! Together, we can make it happen.

As your next city councilperson, I will:

  • Work closely with businesses and community partners to enhance storefronts, improve infrastructure, and create attractive public spaces. Thus creating a more attractive and welcoming city. 
  • Expand our city’s collaborative university engagement. As a Co-Lead for the San Bernardino Investment Playbook, I worked to ensure the success of the arrival of the Entrepreneurial Resource Center in downtown SB. I will continue to ensure we foster collaborative university engagement, working with CSUSB to bridge gaps. 
  • Facilitate partnerships with businesses that will bring sustainable, good-paying jobs to our city. The 5th Ward hosts the University. Building off this enormous asset is necessary to capture employers seeking college-educated individuals. By doing so, we will keep our college grads in our city, rather than them leaving San Bernardino. 
  • Prioritize smart urban planning that promotes walkability, public transportation, and green spaces.
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3. Decreasing Homelessness on Our City Streets

With my background in municipal government, I possess a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding homelessness. As a resident, homeowner, and mother I understand it is necessary to prioritize the welfare of our hardworking taxpayers while addressing the human aspect of this crisis. It's essential to acknowledge that permitting homelessness to persist not only lacks compassion but also hinders our city's progress and adversely affects our well-being.

We can no longer bear the burden of almost 1/3 of the entire County’s homeless! As your next city councilperson, I will:

  • Prioritize our residents and businesses. 
  • Strengthen partnerships with our County and State, ensuring we continue to obtain necessary funding and service resources for mental health, drug abuse, counseling, and psychiatric care.
  • Support legislation that promotes the removal of rigorous red tape delaying the construction of homes, including Tiny Homes.
  • Work towards a truly regional approach, working with surrounding cities to implement a Fair Share Plan.

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